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The development of NFT in 2021 has been awesome.
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Tokens have gained wide popularity among numerous investors, have been repeatedly on the pages of popular tabloids and have made many people millionaires. The main resource in NFT are the artists themselves who create unique masterpieces for many of us.

We've rounded up the top of best NFT artists of 2021.
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All Seeing Seneca

It was this person who became the main one among those who created avatars of monkeys (BAYC), which has 10,000 unique images. The collection from "All Seeing Seneca" has become one of the most successful for 2021. Avatars with monkeys are bought and resold for a lot of money, because a large number of stars have become fans of this NFT. More recently, the author has begun work on a new series and will soon please us with a new creation. And rest assured, it will again be a masterpiece.

Justin Aversano

Justin's work is sold in famous auction and already has a lot of fans all over the world.
Founder of the Quantum platform, where every real photographer can turn their photo into NFT. Justin Aversano himself is the top artist in this NFT image category. A fan of his work is, for example, Snoop Dogg, who bought several collections of photographs of this artist at a higher price, but at a discount. Justin's work is sold in famous auction and already has a lot of fans all over the world. Aversano himself believes that the growth of interest in his work will only increase in 2022.


An artist from the USA, has long been famous, but his interest in NFT only appeared at the end of 2020. He quickly realized that it was possible to earn money on this and decided to combine his hobby and earning money.

His work is selling at auctions for record money, and the love of the fans is boundless. There were even more of them after he made a collage of all his works and sold it as NFT. Many were surprised that such a simple collage could cost so much, but the artist believes that the genius is that it is simple. Mike states that the graphic art in NFT is limitless and has a lot of room to progress.

Beeple is constantly experimenting and creating works of art that no one else can create in today's world. That is why his works are so expensive and so valuable.

Dmitry Cherniak

He is an author on The Ringers team and creates works in javascript. He does not consider himself a crypto artist, but simply a creative person. Dmitri, when he started working on NFT images, raised the level of his work and realized that he could create new masterpieces. Items from the collection are now very popular, and the minimum price is more than 100,000 dollars.


Who doesn't love cats? Everyone loves cats! A well-known animation artist with the nickname "Clon" became famous for creating a collection of 10,000 cats that everyone liked. Even TIME magazine published his NFT-works on their pages, which further increased the popularity of his work. Kittens are quite expensive and the average price is $25,000.


Victor Langlois is a very young artist, he is only 18 years old. But despite his age, many critics have already liked his surrealistic art. K says the author himself, he had no place to draw in real life, so he began to do it in graphic editors. Victor decided to make everything simple - he created a collection of works that showed different periods of his life. All were several works that showed different years of life from 14 years to 18 years. Many of his jobs were very highly paid.


The author became famous only in 2021, but quickly became one of the leaders in this industry. NFT artist and leader among authors. Most of his work has a pixelated style and meme references. Works sell very well, averaging over $200,000 at auction.


Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci are two Italian artists from a village in the mountains who create masterpieces. The authors have created a collection of many static and non-static images that in one way or another highlight the social problems in our society. They are one of the very first artists in the NFT.

Damien Hirst

A brilliant artist came up with a brilliant idea. Damien named his first set "The Currency". It gives the owner of his NFT a choice - the buyer can keep the new purchase or permanently destroy the work and leave only a physical copy of his work of art. It's a fun way to keep the work unique and adds interest to his work. Most buyers choose to burn NFTs in favor of physical work, which creates demand for the value of the items it creates.

Tyler Hobbs

In the NFT world, he became known by the nickname "Fidenza" and visualizes his work with abstract lines and dots. Thanks to the algorithms of computer technology, it generates aesthetic and stylish masterpieces that everyone likes. He was one of those who worked on the "Art Blocks". One of the author's works was sold for 1k ETH, which is a success.

Mad Dog Jones

Micah Bowbak uses the blockchain directly to made his work. Thanks to the algorithms, the style is automatically selected, the colors in the work and then a unique pattern is generated. After that, the final touches from the author are made and ... done! He is often makes multiple options for their masterpieces that a buyer can borrow to sell each one. Ideas, as the author himself says, he now has a huge amount, which is why we should expect even more works from him.

Yam Karkai

One of the few female authors in the NFT space. She is a truly brave and talented artist who creates works primarily for girls and women. She has a special and unique style that she decided to share with people all over the world. Her success was such that she signed a collaboration with Universal Music.


The surname and name of the artist are not known, which is why we only have his nickname - Pak. He makes works in the minimalist genre, but even with minimalism, his work has a wide impact on all investors.

At the beginning of December, apart from other successful works, Pak began to experiment with a new style of his work and began to sell and once again had success in his work.


She has been a visual effects artist on some of the DC and Marvel films, which has made her famous. He quickly realized that the future of NFT would be successful and began doing work with the DAO.

Early last year, she sold an animated banner for $525k as an NFT. The buyer of her work is anonymous, but he clearly understands the art and has good taste. But money is not an important criterion for her. She gets more pleasure from the emotions that buyers of her masterpieces get.


The works of this artist are sometimes gloomy, dystopian, but this does not make interest in his masterpieces less. He has created more than 150 works and continues to create unique works every day. The buyer of one of his NFTs is Snoop Dogg, who really likes his work and is simply delighted.
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