New NFT collections in 2022

In 2021, there were a lot of interesting projects in the field of NFT.
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2022 is expected to be a very big year in terms of big projects as well. In this quick guide, we'll help you better understand the projects that deserve your attention in 2022.
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"Lucky Block" a project leader among NFTs

The undisputed leader of our top for new NFT projects. Lucky Block has definitely become one of the best altcoins on the market due to its upgraded crypto lottery option. Their 10k NFT positions have been successfully listed on Binance. This NFT looks like a 2D lottery ticket with its own number. In addition to the cost, each ticket can have an increased cost when participating in daily draws that take place every day. So, the cost can be increased up to 10,000 dollars. In addition, the ticket can double its cost. Such tickets are called rare. The platform also allows the ticket holder to participate in a one-time draw, where the main prize is a Lamborghini car.

Silks is a great NFT with fun P2E

An interesting feature is that virtual horses have real prototypes.
According to the forecasts of many analysts, this project will be one of the most successful this year, since there is an internal exciting gamification and there is an opportunity to receive passive income. Yes, this is a new project, which now has a lot of attention among all major investors. What is it anyway? This project also allows users to buy their own plots of land for themselves or stables for your horses and mounts. After that, you can successfully sell on your own trading platform. A metaverse of thoroughbred racehorses, sounds hype right? An interesting feature is that virtual horses have real prototypes. Your horses are NFTs and you can sell horses with unique stats. Inside, of course, there is a token - $SLK.

VeeFriends - a new loud NFT from Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is an experienced marketer who knows how to promote his project and VeeFriends is one of his new NFTs. The collection already reaches over 10000 NFTs, which can be bought on its own market. NFT is based on characters, animals and people whom the founder of the platform personally admires.
There's also a unique feature, as some of VeeFriends' NFTs are labeled "Gifts". Thanks to this feature, gifts from the developers team will be given out in the future.


This is not the first time this project is in our top. Investors who are active in the NFT space are already well aware of Decentraland. What it is? It's pretty simple - it's an online world where you can buy a unique avatar for yourself and then buy some pieces of virtual land. It is directly managed by the DAO, which means that the users themselves have control over the management. It's simple - you play, earn tokens and exchange them for real money. Decentraland is the first virtual world in history that is fully owned and controlled by users themselves. The game is also unique in that you can use virtual reality glasses. There is a separate marketplace within the game where users can buy and sell land, estates, avatar clothing, and names. At the end of 2021, over $500,000 worth of in-game items were sold.
There are no limits to the progress of this metaverse, and popular brands are already actively watching in order to place their banner ads in this amazing world.

"Meta Triads" - fashion and progress in the NFT

One of the most promising projects related to fashion. There are a huge number of options for developing your NFT, because collections can suit both people and fictional characters. The developers is creating a market where popular fashion brands themselves can create their own collections in this metaverse. This can really help both the developers and brands that can promote their products in this way. The native currency is called $TRIA.
They have a huge number of mentions on social networks and have their own Discord server with a large number of members.

"Satoshi Runners" - NFT cyberbank project we've been waiting for

This project has more than 7 thousand NFTs and all in cyberpunk style. A unique project of its kind, because the digital images are not static and have great features that no other owner has. The developers did a collaboration with the developers of the BAYC studio. They have a Discord server here already with over 30k active members.

The collection allows owners the opportunity to receive regular income from their NFTs. The Satoshi team has big plans and a lot of great ideas that they plan to add gradually. For example, in addition to animation, they want to add a 3D-collection that they plan to integrate into one of the currently popular projects. Yes, the project is cool and has huge potential for investment.

Axie Infinity

The developers are Sky Mavis. The game was created in 2018 in Vietnam. A completely unique project allows you to get fantastic creatures, control them and fight other players. This is really a hit among games of this genre. Even behind the screen of a mobile device, you can play and earn.
All virtual creatures are tokens and can be exchanged for ETH. To start the game, you need to make a deposit and buy three creatures, but only then will you be able to earn additional income by participating in this game and fighting other users.
This game started to have a million players already in August 2021, now the average online is over 800,000 people per month. Now this game is leading among all in terms of the number of online games. The main players are from the Philippines, but there are also Latin Americans. Visually, these creatures in the game are similar to Pokemon, because each of them is unique and has its own characteristics. There are nine different character classes in total, and you can also just play against bots.

WeedGang - P2E NFT project with great potential

To get the internal game currency, $RAKS, you have to understand varieties and breeding. The project started because it is legal in Canada and the USA. Every NFT is a variety of cannabis. But here NFT is only part of the game, because in the end, its own dynamic ecosystem has been created, where everyone can monetize what they have created within this project. It is also possible to fight with other users in 1v1 battles. It's amazing how quickly this project is gaining popularity in Latin America, the USA and Canada.

"MekaVerse" - Amazing anime drop

MekaVerse has 9 thousand digital NFTs called "Mekas". There is a hugely great anime series called "Mobile Suit Gundam" and amazing NFTs from there. The success of the NFT is directly related to the success of the entire series, which is what made this NFT so popular. Each NFT, as expected, contains unique characteristics and rarity.
The project started in December 2021 and the community is growing extremely fast. Even on Twitter there are already more than 280 thousand subscribers. Each owner of such an NFT becomes a member of a certain "fraction" and this opens up access to exclusive content for each of their members.
The price of such an NFT is already quite high at $2.7k, and the number of sales per week is about 100,000 positions. According to information from the developers, the cost of their NFTs will continue to grow.

Mythia Origins - A unique NFT with unique benefits

Once again NFT in the amazing cyberpunk style. The characters from this project are avatars for buyers and all are unique and have no analogues. The collection has 3.000 pieces and all are elite items.
Each owner gets a unique opportunity to access private Discord server, where investments in top NFT projects are discussed. In fact, you get private access to a team of global analysts who will continue to help you successfully invest.
A large team of analysts announces major NFT deals and provides information on interesting new positions.

How I can find new best NFT projects?
Today we will talk about how you can find a new project that will help you invest in something that will be popular.

How I can find new best NFT projects?

Today we will talk about how you can find a new project that will help you invest in something that will be popular.

NFT calendar

Yes, you need to use your own NFT calendar. Now there are a huge number of interesting and profitable projects, so in order not to miss anything, you need to start an NFT calendar. He will help you not to miss the drop. It is important not to add absolutely everything there, but to filter by what already well-known developers offer.

Monitoring of the best trading platforms

It is important to understand that all large NFT drops happen on large markets - The site keeps track of most new projects and has a feature to enable notifications of future drops. This option will help you invest on time and not miss the drop you need.

Where I can buy it?

The website will also help you here. This is one of the most reliable and widely known sites of this kind. The platform can help you purchase NFTs even with your credit card.


In this top, we have collected the most interesting NFT projects that are known at the moment. The main advantages and interesting features of the platforms that can help you with investments.
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