The Best NFT Art of 2022

Currently, a huge number of artists are creating amazing works in the virtual universe.
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Yes, we cannot see these works live, touch them with our hands, but this does not mean that they have become less valuable after that. Digital art is fast becoming one of the most valuable art forms of our time and is rapidly changing and evolving with the advent of NFTs.
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Owning an NFT means that you are the sole owner of that digital asset, which is like a physical piece of art. Ownership of the NFT is impeccably secured and authenticated using the blockchain. Everything can be tokenized: illustrations, 3D models and animations, photos, music and many other types of digital creativity. It all depends on what people are actually willing to pay for. In 2021, the crypto art market really experienced a real boom.


The master created his work for 5000 days, which took him about 13 years.
His collage NFT "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" at Christie's, the author sold for a record $69 million and became the third largest living artist (after David Hockney and Jeff Koons). His work is a collage of 5,000 digital photographs taken by himself in the Everyday series. Everything is simple. Since May 2007, he began to create daily graphic works, where there were ordinary drawings and even 3D graphics. After that, he collected all his works into one and showed what he had been doing all these years. The master created his work for 5000 days, which took him about 13 years.
Many experts note that this collage shows the development of the author over the years as an artist. His experiments with abstract paintings, colors and shapes, as well as the author's attitude towards the heroes of pop culture.
Cartoon characters include former US President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, singer Michael Jackson, US Vice President Michael Pence and Kamala Harris. This work will rank first among all NFT bestsellers with the highest NFT sales in 2021. Great artist and great work. The incredibly talented artist continues to create and share art today.


BORED APE YACHT CLUB started working from the beginning of 2021 and now has more than 10,000 entries. Each unique NFT is generated from over 200 different parameters, including facial expressions, skin tone, clothing color, and more. Each character is a member of an online monkey club. According to the developers, you do not just buy a unique avatar, you buy access to an elite club and can enjoy all the benefits that will be provided. Your unique monkey will be your unique digital personality. Of particular value are those monkeys that have golden fur. A similar work was sold for 3.400.000 dollars, and in a sailor's hat and with laser eyes - 2.900.000 dollars. Big sums for uniqueness.


By purchasing something from CryptoPunks you will become a unique owner. This type of NFT is one of the very first of its kind. The authors are the Larva studio and they have 10,000 unique pixel art images to their credit. Upon purchase, you will have proof of ownership and will be protected on Ethereum. Most of them look like real punks, but there are others like animals, fictional or mythical creatures. All CryptoPunks are unique, therefore there are no repetitions and each of them can only belong to one real person. Now all 10,000 already have their owners and can only be re-sold at present. According to statistics, the total value of all CryptoPunk sales is currently $1.69 billion.


An ordinary street artist who did his graffiti and work on the streets of cities aspired to break into the world of NFT with his project called "The End of the Industrial Era". Usually, this daring perfectionist turns crumbling facades into canvases for his work, and all the locals admired what this artist did. He always uses unique technique and unusual methods to create his amazing work. So it was with the building in Portugal.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks is a unique digital painting that is generated based on the parameters set by the user. Each work is created according to requests and criteria, but the buyer does not know how it will look in the end. The final view of the painting will be sent to the buyer after payment. The user himself simply chooses the style of work that he likes. You can end up with a static image, a 3D model, or an animation. Each work is unique, cannot be duplicated and has an infinite number of options and types that can create on the platform.

The best work is Ringers #109, which was sold for 6.930.000 dollars, and the sum of all works in Art Blocks is more than dollars.

Alexa Meade

This artist had several successful auctions of real paintings, but she managed to convert her masterpieces into digital space and already now has her fans of her work. Not so long ago, she only did physical works, with limited editions. Now she is fully focused on working on NFT and this allows the owner to view their work anywhere in the world.


This is an Ethereum based virtual art gallery collection. They already have more than 16 thousand unique digital works, and there are already 70 authors from all over the world. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the type, style of mask, eye color and many other options.

John Orion Young

He is a talented 3D artist who sells animated characters and NFT figurines. Each work is unique and collectible, and the characters look surreal and each has its own unique magical power. There is a unique collection - Joy, which is made by hand in virtual reality glasses.

Blake Kathryn

Blake Katherine from Los Angeles creates futuristic 3D works. A unique feature of the work is the large number of colors and colors used, strong shades and often women. The characters look like they are from a science fiction movie. The high number of sales of her work make her one of the most successful digital art artists.

Axie Infinity

The developers are Sky Mavis. The game was created in 2018 in Vietnam. A completely unique project allows you to get fantastic creatures, control them and fight other players. This is really a hit among games of this genre. Even behind the screen of a mobile device, you can play and earn.

All virtual creatures are tokens and can be exchanged for ETH. To start the game, you need to make a deposit and buy three creatures, but only then will you be able to earn additional income by participating in this game and fighting other users.

This game started to have a million players already in August 2021, now the average online is over 800,000 people per month. Now this game is leading among all in terms of the number of online games. The main players are from the Philippines, but there are also Latin Americans. Visually, these creatures in the game are similar to Pokemon, because each of them is unique and has its own characteristics. There are nine different character classes in total, and you can also just play against bots.


It's simple - you play, earn tokens and exchange them for real money. Decentraland is the first ever virtual world that is fully owned and operated by the users themselves. The game is also unique in that you can use VR glasses. Inside the game, there is a separate marketplace where users can buy and sell land, estates, avatar clothing, and names. At the end of 2021, more than $500,000 were sold for in-game items.
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