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Selling your work on a specialized marketplace is a serious step. It is radically different from simply publishing your work in a gallery.
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For NFT-designers such sites provide great opportunities for development, but it is important to understand that some platforms work on exclusive rights. That is, not everyone can publish their work, but authorized users.
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To become such a user, the artist must apply on the site and go through several stages of registration.

There are also sites where anyone can publish, but the opportunities for development on these sites is much less.

NFT is a great way for an artist to find a paying audience, earn money from his or her work, and increase self-esteem. When you see that people are willing to pay for your work (and quite good money) your confidence in your skills and talent grows!

We recommend every creator interested in NFT not to be afraid and give it a try. You can get great popularity and fame, sell your works and find a new audience. A few tries are definitely worth it all!

Platforms for NFT are also differentiated by the type of activity. What is the best platform to sell NFT photograph? Along with universal sites, there are sites that focus on a specific area. For example, a photo or music. Consider the most services.

1. OpenSea

Users can undergo both interactive training and familiarize themselves with special tutorials.
OpenSea is considered the largest NFT-marketplace in the world, where artists publish their works. The site currently has 4 million items in 200 different categories.

Among the main features of the site is a very clear and nifty interface, as well as easy training for new users. Newcomers are taught basic knowledge that will be useful to them in the cryptocurrency space. Users can undergo both interactive training and familiarize themselves with special tutorials. The site provides all the necessary information - from navigating the site to choosing a wallet for cryptocurrency.

OpenSea is also convenient in that users can create showcases with their goods. A potential buyer enters the seller's profile and can immediately consider all of his work, choosing the most appropriate one for himself. It is noteworthy that this feature has not previously been seen on other marketplaces.

There is a widespread opinion that OpenSea is completely unsuitable for beginners because of the high competition. However, it is important to remember that along with the large number of sellers on the site there is a large number of buyers! Among them, there is sure to be one who will love your work!

2. Rarible

Many users use the platform to find new audiences. With NFT, authors introduce their work to users. For example, they put a small demo of their work (music, book, painting) on NFT. Anyone can watch this demo, get acquainted with the art and decide whether to buy the full version of the work from this author. In this way, only the NFT buyer will see the full product (unless he or she wishes to share it, of course), and the author will have new fans and people interested in his or her art.

All these features make Rarible a good enough solution for selling NFT.

3. AtomicMarket

This service is available to everyone.

AtomicMarket allows you to put your own NFTs up for sale, as well as view other users' items. If an NFT belongs to a known collection, it will be marked with a special badge. This is done to eliminate the risk of buying a fake. Collections that are recognized by the service as dangerous are immediately blacklisted.

4. Portion

Portion is another very popular NFT marketplace. The principle of working with artists is arranged in such a way as to provide the most convenient conditions for buyers and sellers to make a transaction. First, all proceeds from the sale are transferred directly to the seller without any commissions. Second, NFT ownership is transferred to the buyer through Ethereum.

Becoming a seller on Portion is not easy, but quite feasible. First of all you need to apply and show a portfolio of your works.

5. SuperRare

The creators of SuperRare note that their platform represents a new way of interacting with art and collecting on the Internet.

Another distinguishing feature of the SuperRare service is that the site has its own social network that brings together users interested in NFT. In this social network they can discuss news, exchange ideas and opinions. In our opinion, this is a very convenient solution that allows you to find like-minded people. And sometimes even buyers!

At the moment SuperRare does not need any new artists. However, recruitment for a new launch is always open. So we strongly advise you to try your luck and fill out an application. If you are selected as an artist for the next launch, it will have a very positive impact not only on your earnings, but also on your career!

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Can I sell someone else's photo as an NFT?

To answer this question, it's important to look at copyright law. The bearer of this right can copy, modify and post his or her work on the Internet. In addition to these rights, the owner is also endowed with a moral right of inviolability and attribution.

In other words, no.

Without the permission of the creator of the image (preferably in writing) you have no right to publish, much less for the purpose of making money. Copyright is always reserved for the creator. The exception is the intentional transfer of rights to another person.

What kind of photos are suitable for NFT?

Before we answer the question, here's a story.

One Michigan photographer, Brian Minear, has never been a fan of cryptocurrency. And he never really knew much about NFT. However, one day he heard about the NFT market and decided to try his luck. On Tuesday, he put up five pictures on the trading floor. He put the price in the range of $200-2500. And in ten minutes all of Brian's photos sold and his account was replenished with a round sum.

In his interview, the photographer said that he had dedicated so many years to the art of photography, and when he saw how much people were willing to pay for his creations, he just could not contain his emotions.

We are familiar with the common perception that NFT is a trend that is about to die out. However, let's turn to the words of Brian, who said he only decided to make an NFT drop because he realized, "Cryptocurrency is here and it's not going anywhere."
NFT is not just a way for many artists to make money. But also a method of attracting an audience. The remarkable thing is that such an audience is not just interested in your art, but also willing to pay for it. And pay with cryptocurrency.

You can choose any photos you like to sell as NFTs. However, we don't recommend posting a lot of monotonous or ordinary photos. Of course, you can put them up for sale. But the probability that they will be bought is very low.

Some authors purposefully create images to sell as NFTs. They create them based on market analysis and identifying the most popular and interesting trends for the audience. In our opinion, this method is the most effective. However, at the beginning of your journey as an NFT artist, we recommend trying out different trends and styles to determine in order to get a fuller understanding of the audience's interests.

How to start?

You don't need to know everything about cryptocurrencies. It is enough to get basic knowledge, choose a suitable trading platform and get acquainted with its requirements.

The next step is to start publishing your work and earning! It is important to understand that there is no clear formula for success. To understand which NFTs will sell well in your collection, you need to try different directions, styles. Or, if you have your own style that you've been working with for years, stick with it.

Don't stop trying. And then you will surely succeed!

Which site to choose for selling NFTs?

OpenSea and Rarible services are very popular today. It is here where most users buy and sell NFT. So it is recommended to start your activity here!

On the NFT marketplace artists have a lot of opportunities to develop in their field. With the help of services, they can find a new solvent audience, win the hearts of fans and increase their popularity.

Try out different platforms, get acquainted with the conditions for sellers and look for the service that suits you! We're sure you'll find your audience and reach the next stage of your career!
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