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What NFT is and how it works

In this article, we will share with you the basic knowledge about NFT, necessary to start earning in this sphere: from the essence of this concept to the ways of obtaining tokens and strategies for subsequent earnings from them. We will also tell you about the main platforms where the creation, storage and exchange of tokens takes place, as well as the peculiarities of the NFT system.

What exactly is meant by “NFT” and why it is so valuable

The letter "T", in turn, is abbreviation for «token». Non-Fungibility is a cryptographic manner of designating a unique object whose authenticity has been verified.
NFT is a brand-new way of creating digital art and other virtual objects of completely different kinds, from two-dimensional images and music to three-dimensional items and even gaming items, currency or not real pieces of land.
Each token in the NFT system is a single and rare digital item tied to a blockchain. In other words, each token is an exclusive and original. This feature makes NFT unlike any other form of existence and distribution of virtual items on the Internet. The letter "T", in turn, is abbreviation for «token». Non-Fungibility is a cryptographic manner of designating a unique object whose authenticity has been verified.

You can trade one one-cent coin for any one-cent coin and anyway you will have the item with the same cost. That’s why they are interchangeable or fully replaceable. A rare work of art, such as Peter Brueghel's Tower of Babel, is not interchangeable because you can't trade it for another artwork or a copy of it and waiting a result for item to have the same price because it will not be the same original work.

So NFT is a great way to make money, similar to investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But it works in other way.
Tokens are usually created or bought by "mining" process on various platforms  such as OpenSea or Rarible, or through a smart electronic contract that you create yourself.

When your token has been mined and registered, you can swap it for other tokens, transform it into cryptocurrency, or sell it. There is a price for creating NFTs in the form of a gas fee. A gas fee is charged every time your wallet interacts with the blockchain. It is a comission for the hard work done by the servers, who spend time hashing payments into the platform of blockchain. Sometimes a cost for mining can icrease or decrease due to grow or lack of popularity and activity on the platform or digital markes in general.
I'll give a simple example, the Ethereum networks gas fees have risen really fast and a lot since a price, that was relevant few months ago. This has led to the emergence and developement of alternative platforms, such as Solana and Polygon, where gas fees are much lower.

How to create a NFT?

In order for your digital object to be considered an NFT in one form or another, it must, as mentioned above, go through the hard process of mining.
Mining is the binding of a token to a blockchain, giving the digital object its own, unique, key and metadata. This is how artwork or other virtual objects become "verified" non-mutually interchangeable tokens. Also, after this token gets it’s own metadata attached to it with information about all previous owners and creator of the token.

That's why the price of mining, which varies from platform to platform and is sometimes a hefty amount, to much people are looking for a way to get some tokens for free so that they can be successfully traded or sold in time, tracking their value like a stock on a financial exchange. And there are ways to get NFT for free, we will tell you about them below.

How To Get Free NFTs

Starting to earn tokens is associated with a financial investment that may not pay off or, in the case of some platforms, be simply unaffordable. In this case, in order to minimize financial risks and significantly reduce the amount of investment, it is worth taking advantage of opportunities to get a certain number of tokens for free. In general, there are two types of such opportunities: NFT mining in special games or participation in PR campaigns and promotions of various projects and platforms. Each of these ways has its pros and cons, the choice depends only on personal preferences. If you want, you can combine these possibilities and get more tokens for an easier start.

Minting. How to get fast free NFT art in games?

One of the ways to get NFT not for money, but for free is to authorize in an NFT-based game. Such gaming applications were made to facilitate the purchase or trade of NFTs and are very popular. These are known as "play to earn" (P2E) games.

One of the most popular games operating under this scheme is called Axie Infinity. It has a large and active community and over 2 million active players worldwide.

Axie is made like a team arcade game: here you and your team have to fight with help of your creatures called Axies against teams of other players, which is similar to the well-known Pokemon game and universe. Each Axie has his own, unique, features, abilities, attributes and skins.
But the thing is, as usually in similar games, Axie's aren't free, but it's not a store either..

Other P2E games don't have as large a player base and community as Axie, so they often give away NFTs to encourage people to join their P2E games and increase popularity of their project.

A WAX account is a electonic wallet that you can use to exchange or trade NFTs of any kind. The account can be created via your social accounts, gmail accounts. In addition to creating storage and a way to interact with the interface and other users, this is necessary to confirm the uniqueness of your NFTs and the rights to them. In many games, such as Alien Worlds, the rewards and many of the opportunities depend on user's activity.

Many games also thrive on user engagement and encourage the sale and distribution of their unique digital properties, as this ultimately increases the popularity, value and assets of the game itself.

Gaining NTFs through promotions and giveaways

NFT can also be obtained during special promotions and giveaways organized by many projects to attract new audiences and raise the profile of their platform. During these promotions, tokens can be obtained by performing a few simple actions and being active on social networks. Participation in such PR campaigns will allow you to get a small set of free tokens to start earning or to expand your assets in the first stages.

Twitter token giveaways

You can get NFT from projects on social accounts in Twitter, which often host giveaways. You can find them by hashtags or search queries with words related to NFT. These are usually accounts of large NFT platforms or game projects.
Some accounts use fake giveaways to "engage" (and generate revenue or an audience for themselves), but there are real, verified ones. And you should remember: most of the time you can’t get something super rare or high-value for free.
Usually, to participate in a giveaway or promotion, you'll need to sign up for a particular project's Twitter account, and they may also ask you to tag your friends as well. They hope that this will create a chain reaction of accounts tagging them and help their project go viral and engage a larger audience.

Discords giveaways and PR campaigns

Like Twitter, some projects have NFT giveaways and promotions in their Discord communities. Often these giveaways are affiliate campaigns, which means that the project gives away not only and not so much its own tokens, but those of the affiliate community (not buying option). This allows them to demonstrate the connection between communities and develop a larger infrastructure, as well as build a larger audience.

Discord giveaways are just as valuable as Twitter promotions in terms of the number of tokens. However, in order not to miss important events, it is necessary to constantly monitor several Discord channels that work according to different schedules and rules, which takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, a significant portion of the events can easily be missed.

Sometimes some Discord channels can limit the number of participants to those who already own one of the NFTs of a particular project.

A lot of money – a lot of efforts

However, you should remember that NFT is not a way to make quick profits and short-term gains. Even if you successfully gained some free tokens, this is only your start point and no more. As in any other sphere, in NFT you can’t get money out of the blue. Earning with NFT is similar to other methods of obtaining finance, it is characterized by the same need for effort, time, careful analysis, and making the right decisions. In order to set a high price for your tokens, you need to create an audience and demand for them. In addition, you must have full copyrights on all of the digital objects you turn into NFTs, otherwise it could be considered a violation of the law.

Another advantage of NFT which is based on copyright - the royalty feature. It consists of the following: after creating a token, you can determine a percentage of each subsequent sale (made by future owners) which will be returned to you as the original creator of that virtual object. This is not a bad way to create a long-lasting passive income.

To sum all the things up

NFT is not a bad way to make money in the modern world, and the sphere itself is rapidly developing. Many projects and platforms provide many opportunities for novice traders and their collections, making it possible to enter this industry relatively quickly and with minimal risk. However, it is worth remembering that making money from tokens is not a way to make easy money, but, on the contrary, is focused on long-term profits. Token trading requires a responsible approach, sound analytics, and the ability to promote your work and make it valuable to a large audience.
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