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Battle Of Guardians

This game is partnered with Good Games Guild and Big Fire Studios. Through this partnership, they have managed to create a truly masterpiece in the field of NFT games.

This NFT project allows users to earn income from anywhere in the world just by playing the game. The plot of the game is the battle of the players among themselves. During the game, users learn both basic and advanced techniques. In "Story" mode, the user's level can be increased as the story progresses. The more the player wins, the more he gets rewarded for those actions. There is also a very interesting mode - this is the tournament mode. In this mode, winner takes all.
The game has two native currencies - BGS token and FP token. The currency helps to make purchases inside the game or upgrade your character. Any NFTs you get in the game, you can immediately sell. And there is also a rental mode and if you play a little, you can receive passive income.

The developers of the game are Orlando Nandito, Anarja Simson and Alexander Lim. Thanks to a team of specialists, they created a unique product with amazing graphics. Unreal Engine will blow you away with detail. So far, the game is only available on PC, but iOS and Android are in the plans of developers so that players from any platform can play with each other.


This is a modern fantasy game and the most important feature is the ability to earn money just by playing.
The game takes place in the world of the future. In the courtyard of 2088, where everything has changed. You have to command Cyber Defense and kill cyborgs, protect your team and fight bosses and try to protect the Earth from attack. The game lets you choose from 64 playable characters to choose from. The game also has its own currency. The first release of the game took place in early 2021, with an update scheduled for the first half of 2022.

Idle Cyber has a large number of investors who help the project to constantly develop. The main feature of the game is amazing graphics and an exciting storyline. The game really has a lot of fans, because who would not be interested in building walls and fighting with cybergs from the future.

The developer is BeeMob Studio - a Singaporean company. The genre of the game is not new, it is already over 40 years old, but in the new shell it is really a new product.

Axie Infinity

The developers are Sky Mavis. The game was created in 2018 in Vietnam. A completely unique project allows you to get fantastic creatures, control them and fight other players. This is really a hit of games of this genre. Even behind the screen of your mobile device, you can play and earn.

All virtual creatures are tokens and can be traded for ETH. To start the game you need to make a deposit and buy three creatures, but only then you can earn additional income by participating in this game and fighting with other users.

This game began to have a million players already in August 2021, now the average online is more than 200,000 people per day. Now this game is the top among all in terms of the number of online games. The main players are from the Philippines, but there are also many from Latin America. Visually, these creatures in the game are similar to Pokemon, because each of them is unique and has its own characteristics. There are nine different character classes in total, and you can also just play against bots.

Like other games, this one has its own internal currency, which can be obtained for battles. Income per game in Arena depends on the number of wins. Players can also sell their heroes. Players can create new creatures, but for this they need to find a suitable pair for their pet. When crossing, you get a unique character that will cost more.

Gods Unchained

The NFT card game started in 2019. The developers are guys from Australia.
In order to start playing in this game, you do not need to make an initial deposit. You can start with free decks. In the absence of donations to the game, you can earn about $400 per month on resale.

According to statistics, more than 400,000 users per month participate in the game. Like most NFT games, Gods Unchained has its own currency. The prototype of this NFT game is Hearthstone from Blizzard.

Since this is a card game, all characters, spells, weapons are game cards. A set of cards forms a deck. These sets of cards are needed by players to fight each other. The project has several types of maps. At the start of the game, each new participant receives a free set of cards. But these cards cannot be sold. Game decks can be bought. The main goal of each user is to collect rare cards and defeat other players with their help. If you win a tournament that is often held, you can become the owner of several hundred thousand dollars. In Gods Unchained, you can earn currency by selling rare game cards and participating in tournaments. Rare cards cost more and can be traded for a profit depending on the rarity of the card.


CryptoKitties is a game in which you will collect cats. The authors are developers from Canada and the USA. The very first cats are the "ZERO" generation and belonged to the developers. They are unique and therefore so expensive. It is noteworthy that the number 1 cat named Genesis was bought for $113,000, and the most expensive are cats with a gold background on the back. The game is popular because of its simplicity. You just get a virtual kitten and cross it with another to get a new pet with unique characteristics as a result, and then sell it.
After breeding, you get one new cat with unique DNA in the form of a code of bits and bytes. After receiving a new kitten, the parent has a time limit on getting a new one.
What can you actually do in the game? Offer your pet for mating for the desired amount and get money by selling the kitten. The main goal of the players, of course, is there is also a commercial component. Only with Ethereum you can buy a new kitten. But there is also a negative - prices. Now the average price for a pet is $25.

The development team is surprised by the popularity of the game. But all in essence, because do not underestimate the love of cats. No one knows exactly how the story of cryptocats will develop, but there is confidence that it will provide a lot of valuable experience for all observers. We advise you not to forget that this is just a game, which means that all real money invested in it can be lost at any time.


This is a top game with top graphics. Yes, most projects of this kind are more commercial, or difficult for ordinary players to understand, or simply bad in terms of graphics and gameplay. Illuvium launched in March 2021 and gradually the game was transformed into Unreal Engine. The game is an adventure RPG on the Ethereum blockchain. The developers have taken the best of all aspects of gaming and created a unique cheap game with amazing graphics. The Illuvium project is able to take the genre to a new level, making them attractive to a wide audience of all ages and from all over the world.

What is important in this game is that there are no registration requirements or starting deposits. The game has its own currency - ILV, which can be bought on Binance, or other exchanges.

Illuvium is ideal for those who have never played NFT games before. Judging by the statistics, the pre-registration audience is growing steadily. Illuvium developers have enough experience and finances to implement all the previous game development experience. This game, with all the features, can be the best game of 2022.


Surprisingly simple and interesting game - sell a celebrity. The project has 400 entries with crypto celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump. Are you a fan of some superstar? Rather, buy it, and if the desired star has already been bought, then you can rebuy it. First, the price for repurchase is 50%, then increases only by 15% for resale, and the commission on each transaction is 6%. It turns out that sales are growing like a pyramid. There is no amazing design or gameplay here, everything is simple and clear. The developers have plans to verify celebrities, which will add hype and value in the future.

Thetan Arena

A relatively new game, the official release was on November 27th, 2 months after beta testing. This is the very first MOBA game based on the blockchain. Thetan Arena has a big advantage over others - great gameplay. The developers are WolfFun, who also created the game Heroes Strike. The game currently has over 5,000,000 downloads.

Players can not only have fun, but also earn real money. Sounds great.
The game has its own currency called THG (value 12-13$ at the moment). The course directly depends on the current interest in the game.


Great game where you can buy fabulous creatures. After purchase, you can upgrade them, use them in battles or tournaments. The interface is not complicated, but convenient. NFT tokens here are cards of creatures, each of which has unique characteristics. In the plans of the developers there is a great development of the project and a lot of updates that will be coming soon. The main token is monster cards. To start playing, you need a wallet and an ETH deposit.


There are a lot of Korean MMORPG games. MIR4 launched in August 2021 and immediately became very successful on mobile devices and popular on Steam. WeMade developers have been engaged in game development for 20 years and have become successful in this.

The player will play as an apprentice archmage whose main task is to protect the princess. The fact that there is a plot is a huge plus of this project. MIR4 allows you to use the auto-battle system, which helps save the user time, but with a serious storyline, you will have to switch to manual control.

My Neighbor Alice

The token of this game, ALICE, is extremely popular and is in the list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. The developers have prepared a lot of interesting things for their users. In particular, they offer developers of other games integration among their projects. Initially, My Neighbor Alice's release date was set for spring 2022.
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