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If you have ever thought about a profitable investment of money, then investing in "Virtual worlds NFT" will be a profitable business.
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By its purpose and essence, this is a metauniverse, its own world, which is virtual and where each participant wants to be successful in the economy of this ecosystem.
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Virtual lands will be a good source of income for you if you decide to invest in it. But this is not only purchases and subsequent resale. It will be beneficial to simply rent out a piece of land and simply receive money for it. You can also build some profitable buildings on your virtual lands, for example, for casinos or gambling, which will increase the final benefit for you.

List of the best:
The virtual world can also be similar to real life and the real world. Each player buys a certain territory there and then chooses how to profit from it. Everyone chooses the path of development that he wants.

1. Axie

Even behind the screen of a mobile device, you can play and earn.
The developers of Sky Mavis. The game was created in 2018 in Vietnam. A completely unique project allows you to get fantastic creatures, control them and fight other players. This is really a hit among games of this genre. Even behind the screen of a mobile device, you can play and earn.

All virtual creatures are tokens and can be exchanged for ETH. To start the web game, you need to make a deposit and buy three creatures, but only then will you be able to earn additional income by participating in this game and fighting other users.

This game started to have a million players already in August 2021, now the average online is over 800,000 people per month. Now this game is leading among all in terms of the number of online games. The main players are from the Philippines, but there are also Latin Americans. Visually, these creatures in the game are similar to Pokemon, because each of them is unique and has its own characteristics. There are nine different character classes in total, and you can also just play against bots.

2. Decentraland

Every piece of land in Decentraland is a one-of-a-kind NFT. Through the Decentraland Marketplace, anyone can buy, sell or rent digital NFT land. This project is not the first time gets into our top. Investors active in the NFT space are already very familiar with Decentraland. What's this? It's pretty simple - it's an online world where you can buy yourself a unique avatar and then buy some bits of virtual land. It is directly managed by the DAO, which means that the users themselves are in control of the management. It's simple - you play, earn tokens and exchange them for real money. Decentraland is the first virtual world in history that is fully owned and controlled by users themselves. The game is also unique in that you can use virtual reality glasses. The game has a separate marketplace where users can buy and sell land, estates, avatar clothing, and names. At the end of 2021, over $500,000 worth of in-game items were sold.

There is no limit to the progress of this metaverse, and popular brands are already actively looking to place their advertising banners in this amazing world.

3. The Sandbox

One of the brightest projects of 2021 was The Sandbox. Any investment is associated with risks. If land is purchased in the virtual world on a large project, it is likely to rise in price. The train has not left, the NFT market is at an early stage of development. Take your time, delve into the topic, understand all the nuances and think carefully, because there are many other areas for investing. The Sandbox Game is an online multiplayer using blockchain technology with elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The Sandbox is a whole game metauniverse where players can buy and sell "Lands", create and sell their own "Assets" - NFT tokens, and also participate in project management, determining the vector of its further development.

Literally, the name of the project is translated as "Sandbox" and this name reflects its essence - the creation of a base for the implementation of new gaming products. The Sandbox positions itself as a platform for creating and monetizing gaming experiences, where participants create their games and entire virtual worlds, and creators have ownership of their creations.The smartest users buy land to advertise their projects on them. This makes sense, because other users see the general map, the main thing is to understand what the target audience is here.

Three types of tokens are used on the trading platform - "Marketplace":
SAND is a native gaming token that operates on the Ethereum network according to the ERC-20 standard. The main game currency used for all transactions.

4. Somnium Space

If he says accurate statistics, then Somnium has 5026 land plots of different sizes and uses. Somnium Space - NFT VR world which is already a little different from the first three in our top. This is a 3D game universe with over 4000 NFT land plots. It is really very exciting and fun, in addition to being profitable and having augmented reality. But one world was not enough for the developers and they created several parallel worlds.

Somnium has NFT land for absolutely any purpose, for sports or painting, to create a farm or school.

5. OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the largest and most popular NFT market for listing. The site offers a large assortment of NFTs from a wide variety of creators, including real works of art and this platform is leading among all!

NFT creators can create their products right on the site using a special tool. To buy land in the virtual world, you need a crypto wallet. Which one? It depends on which metaverse you choose. Now most of them use the ETH, and the ideal solution for it is MetaMask. This wallet is installed as a browser extension. OpenSea is one of the premier resources of its type. Many of these platforms try to copy the mechanics of user interaction, but this resource really remains unique. It eliminates the need for knowledge of code to create NFTs, the interface of the tool is so simple that it can be used by anyone with a basic knowledge of NFTs. If you are planning to sell your goods on OpenSea, the site offers you several options: to put NFTs on sale at a fixed price, put the goods on sale at a declining price; put them up for auction.

The development of the Metaverses does not stand still, and every day they improve. Such projects are unique primarily because of their rarity. Resale is really a profitable business. For example, from January 2021 to the current time, the cost of the same piece of land has increased 60 times. The value and liquidity of positions depends on where the site is located, what type of building can be made on it, and many other factors.


This is a really profitable way to make a profit if you expect to receive income in the future. The value increases day by day and you need to wait for your investment to have the greatest profit. Summarizing our top, we can say that Virtual NFT Lands will be very useful for those who are just starting their journey in NFT investments. Now you know how much virtual land costs, where and how to purchase it. While everything is going to the fact that the topic will continue to develop, now is the perfect time to invest, the main thing is to choose reliable platforms.
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